Friday, June 1, 2012

May Vacation!

We went to Tahoe for a few days over Memorial day weekend to celebrate Grammy's 85th birthday. 

First he needed a new "airplane shirt".  His old one still fits, but was looking a little sad.  I made this shirt from two adult size shirts cut up, and chose bright colors so he will be easy to spot in the airport.  I added some airplane appliques, and a stitched airplane.

The coolest part is on the back, where I added a bright red zipperd pouch.  Inside, I put his "ID card" which I printed out and laminated.  It has his name, birthday, and cell phone numbers.  It also has "I have food allergies" written at the bottom.
He got lost at an airport once, and I reported it immediately to the nearest gate desk, they had no idea what to do about it!   Lucky for me, he had been found by a mom of 6, who was traveling without her kids and spotted him on his own and took him to security.    He had his little backpack on that contained my contact information, but no one bothered to look at it.  
This shirt though, stands out, and Levi knew to show someone his "ID" if he got lost. 

I will add these to my shop soon, I think they would be handy for travel, or for trips to theme parks/zoos, or field trips - of any place you might be where your kiddo could get lost.  I'll have different applique options for the front as well!

Levi approved!
 On the plane, Levi always rides in his carseat (Radian XTSL).   I put it on a wheely cart I bought from Wal-mart for $12.  It rolls easily through the airport, and I can even let him ride in it if he is being lazy, or put his carry on bag on the carseat for easier carrying.   Its narrow enough to roll right down the asle too.   Its more comfortable for him to ride in his carseat on the plane, and I know it will be safe and ready to go when we arrive (have you seen how the baggage is handled?  no way would I let my carseat be treated that way!)

On this trip, we got lucky, and my dad got us upgraded to first class!   Levi always likes to get his headphones ready and read the safety manual while I get our stuff organized on board.  He does really well on the plane, listening to music, sleeping, and playing with his little toys - he is a good little traveler!

The day after we arrived, this is what we saw outside: 

Yep, the end of May and it snowed!   And check out the temperature...brrrrr..... especially when compared to 80+degree Florida temperatures!  

It would have been nice if it had snowed in the WINTER time, so we could actually take advantage of it and get some skiing in, but the weather was funny this year with not much snow.  

We had a fun birthday party for Grammy.  She invited some of her friends, and some of my parents friends were there, and we had a cook-out on the new grill we got!   The old one tried to burn my mom's eye brows off, so it was time to upgrade.  

I spent most of the day working on a flower bouquet cupcake display:

Grammy liked it! 

I took a head of lettuce, covered it with foil and then stuck it in a red flower pot.   Then I put short skewers all over the lettuce head and stuck the iced cupcakes in place.   There are two kinds, lemon cake with raspberry butter-cream, and chocolate with salted caramel filling and salted caramel butter-cream.    It took a really long time, but was not all that hard to do.    Impressive results though! 

It was a quick trip, but Levi always loves to see his Grammy!

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