Sunday, September 30, 2012

Low Tide Exploration (Beachside Kids Explorers Club)

The Beachside Kids Explorers Club went to the beach to check out the low tide.   It was a little rough, so not super great viewing, but the kids were able to check out the coquina rock, and the tube worm reef.  
We learned all about why you aren't supposed to walk out on the rocks (where the tube worms are), but we learned this after we were at the beach.  Next time we will know better! 


 A ghost crab:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fresh Vanilla Beans

My dad went on a trip to Mexico, and brought back from fresh vanilla bean pods.   So I made dessert!

I made vanilla bean cheesecake, with white chocolate mousse topping.    I found the recipe on Pintrest, it comes from another blogger, The Inner Gourmet.   It was easy to make and came out light and oh so good.  This cheesecake has no eggs in it, which I think contributed to the lighter texture, this recipe is a keeper for sure.   

My dad was happy to test it out.  


And then, I started some homemade vanilla extract.  Its simply vanilla beans (the leftover cut ones from the cheesecake), and rum.   The rum is a good quality Guatemalan rum made from sugar cane.   It will be 8 whole weeks before it can be used.  

I also found an orange-vanilla bean meringue recipe that I'd like to try.  Minus the orange food coloring, Levi could eat it. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Busy Week!

We had a busy week this week!

Beachside Kids Explorers Club:

I planned some games for the kids, but when they saw that there were worms, they went for those instead!  And then just explored and played on their own.  It was such a beautiful day out!   I love just watching the kids interact with one another.   

Levi got some new pj's (he picked them out, he likes the feet!)

Levi made stir fry all by himself - fried an egg, cooked some mushrooms, cooked some lettuce (I know, strange stir fry ingredient), reheated some rice and added sauce.   I helped him put it on the plate but he did everything else all by himself with no direction/help.    

We put up a new lamp, the other one was super ugly and covered with fake pears and apples, fake leaves and a good thick layer of dust.  

And Levi did an art project for our space unit study:

Space Art:

  1. Trace circle shaped objects onto white paper
  2. Paint circles using watercolor paints, its o.k. to go beyond the lines.  Copy images of real planets or design your own.
  3. While that dries, use a stiff brush or an old toothbrush to flick white paint onto black paper (use liquid paint like poster paint, not watercolor for this)
  4. Cut out circles, and glue them onto the black paper. 
So this week:
Sunday: Went to see Obama
Monday: Mr. Science
Tuesday: Beachside Kids Explorers Club
Wednesday: Babysat neighbor kids all day, gymnastics
Thursday:  Babysat neighbor kids all day, Co-op
Friday: Homeschool Trading class, babysat neighbor kids half day
Saturday: Music Together class, chiropractor, Levi's first real football game
Sunday: church

Tomorrow, we have the day off!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seeing the President

Here are some pics from Levi and I seeing Obama speak!

We waited in line for 4 hours to get tickets.
The night before, I made him a shirt to wear:

 Then Sunday, we arrived at 4am to FIT.

At 6:30am Levi spotted a superhero badge and had to have it:

He found some other entertainment too:

The lake (large pond maybe?)

Punching Politicians:

At 8:30 they opened their doors. The helicopters flew over:

Shortly after Levi was interviewed/photographed for Florida Today

We got inside the building at maybe 9:30 or so, not really sure.  It was basically a high school size gym, with a small thing of bleachers on one side, and the media platform taking up 1/4 of it at the back and a big stage at the front - so REALLY small considering they had 3,000 tickets given out, apparently lots of people didn't get in and some were behind the media platform, so they couldn't see a thing! We were about 12 rows back or so from the podium

 Levi's view, note the 3 butts at face level.

In the excitement, this lady must have forgotten her pants!

 Seriously, we were in there for hours and bored and not able to move even 1 step in any direction, so this was entertainment while we waited. We ended up next to a group of 6 guys that were the 'homosexuals for Obama" and they were great with putting up with Levi doing endless fancy high fives and talking his head off.

 Being silly waiting:

And at 11:45, he showed up. Apparently he had been out to breakfast in Cocoa Village at one of my favorite places to eat (they are good with Levi's allergies, have vegetarian options and the food is good!) I think Levi took all of those pics!

After: (12:45)

 I took him to Ben and Jerry's afterwards, they have mango sorbet that he can actually eat and they always open a new carton and get a new scoop for him! It was a looong day but a great experience for us both.