Sunday, April 27, 2014

embroidery designs

I'm posting these so I can pin them, to make it easier for customers to see all of the designs I have!  These are just a few that are no longer available, so I have to post here first.

Birthday cake Ladybug: 

This cute design also comes in:
fall leaves
christmas lights
birthday cake

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mrs. Mango's Field trip

We went on a field trip to Mrs. Mango & Co.   

There were chickens running around, so Levi picked one up.  

And a very friendly piggy, and not-so-friendly "duck dog"  (this duck wags its tail and pants like a dog!)

Levi found the prickly ash trees.  The bark can be used to treat toothaches.

He got a honey stick

The kids learned about bees.  Here they are looking at a plant which the bees really like.

Where the bees live.

Bamboo plant

The kids made their own beeswax candles by rolling wax around a wick.

More pics of Mrs. Mango's

The low wall is made from recycled bottles. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

March Birthdays - and Sailing!

My sister Shawn and my mom both have birthdays in March.  

First, we went sailing!   

The inside of the boat:

Back of the boat: 

Buddy and Shawn: 

Tino and Levi driving the boat: 

Nai Nai

Me (and Tyler eating something) 

Me and Levi, this one was take from inside the boat looking out the little sunroof hole. 

Buddy steering 

Shawn and Tyler (eating something else)

Raising the pirate flag

The pirate flag!

My turn to steer!

Levi, Shawn and Tyler

We had a nice family dinner at Makoto's.   The waitstaff even got a decent picture of all of us at once!

We used Grammy's milk chocolate cake recipe for desert, and I made "bark" to decorate the sides. 

Next was Nai Nai's birthday:

Because we already had cake the week before, Nai Nai requested a lemon tart.   It was a big pain to make, but it was really tasty! 

Happy Birthday Shawn and Nai Nai!