Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Library Love!

We go to the library at least once a week, usually more often than that.  This summer, we've been going 3-4 times a week because of all of the wonderful kids programs they offer! 

Even with going so frequently, we still come home with a big bag of books every time.   Our living room often looks like this:

We get lots of books just for fun, or because they are on the display racks and look interesting.  Or for our homeschool studies.

And then there are the summer reading programs - the y are always amazed at how many books we read!

In the summer, they also have afternoon programs, we have been to a couple magic shows, a music show, and even a puppet show!

Boomer Beats (I bought the CD for Levi, and have had to listen to it a million times now!)

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