Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super Hero Training Camp

Another fun library activity- Super hero training camp!   It was raining this afternoon, so perfect timing.   I think this whole idea would be fun for a birthday party as well.

Getting himself in superhero mode! 

The kids arrived and got a list of tasks to do:

First of all, Levi decorated his mask.  It was made of fun foam and they used stickers and glitter glue.

Then was the ROCK OF STRENGTH!   He lifted that huge rock right above his head!

In another feat of strength, he lifted 2 large weights up and down

He did a maze made from tape on the floor, and then crawled through the tunnel

Next he saved a "baby" by crossing a burning lava pit:  (teen volunteers helped with this whole event, here they are making sure no one falls into lava)
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My little superman:

And the most fun of all, was smashing through a brick wall!

They had to rebuild it for every kid, sometimes more than once each, they loved it!

And Levi will get a certificate for completing all of his tasks.   What an exciting way to spend the afternoon!

And of course, Levi needed a new shirt for the occasion.  I had these sleeves cut out of yellow sitting in my sewing room, so I used them with the blue to make this slim fit lap-t style shirt, it fit over Levis big ol' head perfectly!

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  1. How do you make the rock and dumb bell?

    1. I didn't make them because this was a library event, but I am pretty sure both were paper mache, with a PVC pipe for the dumb bell.

    2. I just made something like this for my 3 year old for his party. I used crumbled paper for the rock and just paper Mache the outside and painted it. the dumb bells I used Styrofoam balls and wooden dowel.