Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blueberries for Sal

We needed a project that we could get done in just one day, and I happened to have gotten "Blueberries for Sal" from the library.  

Printables come from Homeschool Creations.

First Levi made a mini book.  It includes different locations from the story, and cutouts of Little Bear.  The text includes positioning words so you know where to glue Little Bear on each page.   I had Levi do all the cutting and read the book to me when he was finished.

Next I laminated a "Read, Build, Write" worksheet that we can use in the future (I need to get some lowercase wooden letters though).   For this, Levi chose a flashcard with a word on it, read it, "built" it with the wood letters, and then wrote it.   

The whole time we were doing the above activities, Levi was also eating blueberries.   With the rest, we made jam.

1. Put blueberies in a pan
2. Add a big squirt of lemon juice
3. Add a big squirt of agave (or honey, or put some sugar in there)
4. Cook at a gentle boil until it looks like blueberry jam.
5. Eat.

While thats cooking, remove a spoonful of juice and use it to tye dye a scrap of fabric.  And squeeze the fabric into a little bowl and use it as paint!

 For this one, Levi had to read the word on each bucket, and write the number below the word.  Then he used a pencil eraser dipped in blueberry juice to dot on the right number of blueberries.

The juice changed from purple to a blueish color when it dried. 

Next we did some math.  I gave him math problems, and he had to find the right number of blueberries to put in the bucket, and then give me the answer.   I think next time it would be more fun to use actual blueberries in an actual bucket, or at least pom poms.  I could also have him write down his math equations and record his answers.   I saved this one to use again. 

And these are the crafts we did:
Tye dye fabric, dyed with blueberry juice.

Blueberry pie - this looks simple, but actually involved several skills.  First he colored the background with a lite tan color, he had to cover all the white paper.  Then he traced a small bowl and cut out the circle.  Then he cut strips to make the cross hatching.  He used a large hole puncher to punch out all the blueberries, and finally glued it all together (I made the edge crust)

The basket of blueberries was made with a cork as a stamp, and Popsicle sticks for the basket. 

And that's it for a few days, we are on vacation!

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