Sunday, December 8, 2013

What does the Fox Say?

Inspired by Levi's favorite Kids Place Live radio station song, "What does the Fox Say?"  I made him a shirt!

Its a hoodie made from t-shirt fabric, with an embroidered cross-stitch fox and text, and a hand painted speech bubble.   The sleeves are mock-layered, and the brown long sleeve bit is super light weight, because he really doesn't need long sleeves here, but it went with the look I was going for.   It also has a lined hood with fox ears!  I thought of adding a detachable tail, but thought it might be a bit much (i.e. I was tired after sewing 4.5 shirts in one day so I called it good!)



Saturday, December 7, 2013


Levi, Nai Nai and I woke up early one day to see if we could view the eclipse.  Because of the clouds, we didn't really see it, but it was a beautiful sunrise!

We made this shoebox contraption to safely view the sun.

It was a little cold for Levi! 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fire Station Field Trip

We went on a field trip to the fire department!   The kids got a tour of the office, main hang out area/kitchen, sleeping area, and the truck bay.  They even got to see the bathroom!   They also got to ask lots of questions and check out the trucks/equipment close up.  

Sleeping area, separated by curtains. 

Big first aid kit with meds for cardiac arrest and more. 

This machine can check heart rates, they put it on one of the guys to show how it works. 

We stopped at Fire House subs to get Buddy a sandwich for lunch, and to carry on the theme of the day! 

Firestation lover? 

I can make embroidered shirts in firestation themed designs from Lynnie Pinnie.  Check out the designs here.   Shirt start at just $18