Monday, June 25, 2012

Cothes Pin Schedule

My mom has been saying that she thinks Levi should have some sort of schedule to his day.   For me, this is hard, because I am not a "schedule person".  I either get bored with the repetitiveness, or get thrown off with unexpected changes. 
So my compromise is to try it, with a schedule that shows Levi what needs to be done each day.   Its easy to change up at any time, and I can add more activities quickly when I think of them!

This set up would also be great for timeline activities! 

Clothes Pin Schedule
You will need:
 - 12 clothes pins
- yard stick
- paint chips
- printer for images
- hot glue gun/glue sticks

  1.  Heat up your hot glue gun, and while you wait figure out your spacing for your clothes pins.   The ruler makes it easy!  Mine are 2.5" apart.   
  2.  Glue them on, I lined up the metal bit on the clothes pin with the edge of the yard stick. 
  3.  On your computer, find some clip art for your schedule items.   I just googled the key word for what I was looking for + "clip art" to find everything under google images.   I also found images of some of the work books we use.   You can also use photographs (I used one of our dog for dog walks).    Size them how you want them (mine are not all the same, the are around 2-3" though), I made a chart and put them in that.   You can add text underneath if you want (like "eat lunch" or "relaxing time")
  4. Print them out, cut them out, and glue them onto paint chips.  cut them out again leaving a boarder all around.  
  5. Attach it to the wall at eye level for your child, so they can see it!   I just used blue-tack.

You could paint it if you wanted to, but I kinda like it in its natural state. 

After finishing each activity, just flip it over!    This is helping me with record keeping as well, at the end of the day I can look at the flipped over cards to review what we did and write it all down. 
I also though it would be fun to put a little happy face sticker on the back of each, I just haven't found any yet.

Here are some more of the cards I made.  Its easy enough to print out more when you find later that you've forgotten something.   I made one for going to the gym this morning. 
The images are from clip art, our chuch's website, a photo of our dog, pics of the front of workbooks, and a pic from the Honda website that looks like our car. 

And thats it!  Super fast, easy and cheap way to make a schedule. 

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