Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More elf!

Here is what Sprinkles has been up to: 

After we made cookies....

 Note the Sports Illustrated magazine.  That's a jumbo chocolate chip in there.... Levi thought this was hilarious! 

Hid in the tree (guarding the candy canes Levi tried to steal, he is allergic so they live on the very top branch)

He played a trick on Levi..... 

See his nose?  

He made a zipline down the hall, using a pipecleaner  and candy cane pen as a handle.   He borrowed the cape from "Super Levi"

Levi had archery today, so Sprinkles made his own set.    The bow is a popsicle stick and dental floss.  

I love watching Levi's reactions to what his elf has done! 

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