Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Around the World: Mexico

We learned all about Christmas time in Mexico!

We made some hot chocolate
(almond milk, a handful of dairy-free chocolate chips, and a sprinkle of cinnamon - heat it up and thats it!)  

We learned the story of poinsettias .  We also learned about poinsettias themselves, there was a great fact sheet about them on the free curriculum I downloaded from "teach with me" .  I used that to make a worksheet that he filled out.  One of the facts was about color prefrance, stating a persentage for people who liked red, pink, and white poinsettias .  With that information Levi colored in a hundreds chart giving a good visual of the comparison. 

We made a poinsettia craft too.   We put white paper in a tray, added some globs of paint and 3 marbles and then rolled them all over.   Rinse and repeat with green.  Then cut out the flower and leaf shapes, and a pot out of scrapbook paper.  Glued everything down and I had Levi "shadow cut" around the design.  

He also filled out a journal page with the country name, how they say "Merry Christmas", the dates they celebrate Christmas, and the flag and map.   We will do one of these for each country and put them together in a little book when we are done. 

And lastly some copywork, which I had to fix because there was a typo in it!  (whoops!).   The sentience is one Levi came up with as the moral of the poinsettia story. 

Sources and the cover for this project can be found here

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