Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Superhero Doll

Levi has been really into superheros lately, and lets just say, I'm not a huge fan.   Too much violence, and fighting the bad guy for me.   So I try to limit superhero exposure to focus on the more positive aspects of rescuing people, and doing the right thing.   Kinda hard to find though!   What ever happened to Captain Planet?  My favorite Earth-Saving Superhero.

Anyways, for Levi's birthday, I thought I'd make him a "Super Levi" in the hopes that he can invent his own, positive super hero.   I found this super cute super hero sewing pattern on etsy.    Its sewn entirely from scraps, and I modified it to have curly hair and shoes.  It has removable glasses, and then his very own superhero disguise including a mask, cape and belt.   The glasses and mask both have elastic and will fit Levi as well as Super Levi.


What do you think?     I think Levi will like it!   

Want your own?  Get it here!

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  1. You should post a link to your doll on the DollsAndDaydream's Facebook site. She promotes dolls made using her patterns.