Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pants, Pants and a Beco style doll carrier

I've been trying to make Levi some long pants for when we go to Tahoe.  Its too warm here most days to wear long pants though so its hard to get into "pants making mode".   I found this great fabric (in the form of a pair of women's capri pants from the thrift store for $1). so I made him some colorful skinny jeans: 

The shirt that I made him a while back matches perfectly, although it was a little short when I made it (the pattern is off).  He insisted on adding the Christmas tie.   

And my sister's friend gave me a basic, frumpy black sweatshirt that he didn't want, so I cut it up and made these!

I used the pattern from the above pants as a "size guide" but just cut these free-hand including the pockets.  I reused the sweatshirt waistband as the pants waistband.     The purple is left over from the harem pants I made. 

There are stripes up the sides and some color blocking.   

He had to throw in a spiderman pose.   

And I also made a doll-size baby carrier for my friend's daughter!  This is an SSC styled after the Beco carriers.  It has a clip waist and adjustable shoulder straps.   I think it turned out great and I think the recipient will like it.   

I still need to sew him some more cold-weather clothing, there is snow in Tahoe and its been 80*+ here!  

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