Monday, December 3, 2012

Elf on the Shelf and Advents

I've been gone from blogging for a while!  Its been so busy with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and a Disney cruise (more on that later), and its just going to get even more busy with Christmas and a trip to Tahoe.   We just got out the decorations, and I've been doing a little sewing.  

First is a felt advent calender I made for a customer.   It has felt pockets with numbers on them, and a tree with button on it.   In each pocket is an ornament, and every day you take one out and hang it on one of the buttons!   The last one is a star for the top of the tree.  It was time-consuming to make with all the little ornaments, but I like how they turned out.  I might have to make a few more for myself!  


I've been seeing tones of cute "elf on the shelf" ideas on pintrest.  I've never read the actual book, but I have heard about it.  To be honest, the idea of an elf "watching you" and reporting back to Santa is a little creepy.   I don't like the whole "bad or good" aspect of Santa, because I don't believe that kids are actually "bad", they all have their moments though!   But that being said, it looked too much fun to pass up, so I made Levi an elf.      I found a great pattern and tutorial on Jane of All Crafts blog, its a lot of little bits to sew, but came out really cute.   I also added wire to the arms and legs for a more pose-able elf. 

I'm modifying the story, all I told him is that he should leave his elf under his tree and see what happens.   So just before bed he put out his elf.   He also gave him (her?) a name, Sprinkles!   She didn't have a face yet when he went to bed.

And in the morning, he will find Sprinkles on top of the mantle, replacing the stockings with new underwear and boxers for Levi. 



  1. Way less creepy elf on a shelf! I don't like the story behind the elf on the shelf either. Also, very cute idea for an advent calender.

  2. Your 6 in the 16 on the advent calendar is upside down.

    1. It wasn't attached yet in the picture, I caught it before I attached, but thank you! :)