Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Around the World- Sources

These are the sources we used for out Christmas Around the World unit study.    I will update this with more as we do more countries!   This is going to be a quick unit because we leave for vacation soon!  

Homeschool Share
Teach with Me

What the Teacher Wants (the passport is free, I think you have to buy the other stuff)
This is the cover we used

World map 
Another good map (this one has some countries listed on the side)
Stickers and Charts (this has all the stamps and flags for the passport)

More Pintrest
Holidays around the world (PDF)

We didn't use this one for the printables, but its another fun idea of how to do this.  It has a worksheet for each country and lots of links to learn about each country

Template for poinsettia 
Legend of the Poinsettia

St Lucia Buns
Some info about Sweden
Star Boy hat

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