Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13th, 2012

Today Sprinkles the Elf made Levi's name out of cars. 

Auntie Shawn had her wisdom teeth out, so I sewed her a little puppy, and Levi made her a card.  

Levi's friend Zach had a monkey named Mugs visiting his house from his kindergarten class, so Mugs came to our house to play as well.   I'm going to see if anyone from our homeschool group is interested in doing the same project, its a lot of fun!   Each kid gets to take the stuffed animal home for a few days, and take pictures of its adventures.  Then, they write in a journal and add the pictures.  Its fun for the kids to see what it did at their friends houses.  

I also got my first box from "Conscious Box".  They send a box of sample sized items of earth friendly items, for $19/month.  I just got one to try it, they even have a vegan option.   The products I got were nice, but they were tiny samples and not very many of them (I got an email with the packing list today and I think I'm missing a couple things).   I'm not sure that I will get another box, I'll have to think about it.  

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