Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Re-Visiting Levi's "Down Under" Outfit for Project Run and Play

Ever sense I started watching Project Runway on T.V. I was hoping for a kids version.   Project Run and Play is it!   I've followed them in past seasons, and now, they have open auditions!
So, I've decided to submit the "Down Under" outfit that I made back in April and I am revisiting it with more pictures of all the details.  

Here it is! 

Levi's grandpa (whom he calls "Buddy") travels quite a bit, and he brought me this fabric back from Australia.  It was actually only about 1/3yard of each fabric, so I had to figure out how to make it work.  I pieced the amazing fabric together to come up with this fun outfit, which is colorful, comfortable and practical (and you can throw it in the washing machine, so good for me too)

It features my signature "patchy shorts" which have patchwork going up the sides, a good way to use small bits of fabric and make the shorts into something special.  

The inside of the patchwork is fully lined, so it won't bug his skin with all the seams in the patches.

Levi really likes archery, in particular the targets!  So I pulled the target design from a couple of the fabrics, and used it as a stitched detail.   Just adds some more fun to the front of the shorts.   Its done in a varigated thread. 

The back pockets have some details too.  They both have the top edge finished with a strip of fabric.   "tlSS" for "The Little Sewing Shop" free motion stitched on one.   And the other has my little "tag" which is just a simple piece of twill tape with a teeny tiny button sewn on.   I like buttons!

You can also see that I double top-stitched everything!  I like topstitching for a few reasons:   It holds the seam down, so it doesn't itch.   It adds professional looking detail to the garment.  And it adds more stitching, which makes it more durable, very important when sewing for kids (especially 5 year old boys!)

Some more of the shirt details:

This little patch is on the back of the shirt.  Why?  No reason, its just for fun!  I like little random details like this, it makes the garment more unique and fun.  (and check out the gorgeous fabrics!)

These are the buttons I used, they have a shank back (thats the little loop, instead of button holes).   They have almost a woven look to them, and sort of a leather texture (but they aren't actual leather, as a vegetarian, I couldn't do it!)  

Here on the front you can see the chest pockets.  The flap of the pockets is fitted into the seam between the upper and lower parts of the shirt, and then a simple patch pocket is underneath.  

And my little button tag is on the shirt too. 

He always goofs around during photo shoots!
And that's it!   Wish me luck for Project Run and Play!  I would LOVE to participate, but even if I don't get chosen I will be sewing along with their projects.  

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  1. I just attempted my first collared shirt last night-- not pretty. This looks great! As a fellow vegetarian, I'm with you about the faux leather buttons!