Friday, August 3, 2012

Tracking the Olympic Medal Count

I've lifted my ban on T.V. to let Levi watch the Olympics here and there.   He has been watching little bits of each sport, and getting excited about who gets the gold medals!

One of our neighbors (also a homeschooling family) had 3 HUGE whiteboards in their trash pile, so I took them home and we are using one to track the Olympic Medal count.

We use google for the current count and transfer the information to our whiteboard.  I also got Levi a new globe (back to school sale!), and I've had him locate each country on there as well.   And then he has to add gold + silver + bronze to get the total count.

So we have graphing, handwriting, math and geography, in one simple activity that correlates with something happening in real life.  And its fun!

Attached to the top is an Olympic torch Levi made, with sparkly flames.  

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