Thursday, August 9, 2012


Homeschool Share Manatee lapbook 
Vocabulary Flashcards (goes with the book "I'm a Manatee")
You can download my "I'm a Manatee" vocabulary list here.  
Save the Manatee (lots on here I didn't even look at)

I'm a Manatee (came with a CD that is the book sung as a song, this book has great vocabulary)
The Florida Manatee
J. Rooker, Manatee (good story about how boats harm manatees)
Manatees for Kids (this one, the story was strange, intermixed with pages of facts, which were good, I skipped the story as I read it)

We read a bunch of Manatee books today (I've listed the best ones above).   One explained how sailors though manatees were mermaids, so we did this little mermaid craft. 

Its made from a clothes pin, paper, googly eyes, gems, wickki stix (mouth), pipe cleaner, wood circle and yarn. 

We did some lapbooking using Homeschool Share's manatee lapbook. 

We learned some manatee vocabulary, the book "I'm a Manatee" has some great vocabulary words in it. 

Levi also designed a "super manatee" after reading the book about J.Rooker, the manatee that got injured by a boat (he was ok at the end of the book, Levi was pretty upset with this story, but I read it anyways).   His manatee has a flag that sticks out of the water that says "please don't hit me", bright colors so boats can see it, and a shield on its back!

We also did a little science experiment on water density, comparing salt water to fresh water.  

Water Density:

You will need: 
- big clear class
- food coloring
-eye dropper

First, measure 8oz of water into the glass, and add lots of salt (we put in 8 tablespoons).  Stir well to mix in as much salt as you can, and add a drop of food coloring.  Let it settle for a bit so it isn't swirling around

Next, add a different color of food coloring to some plain water.

Using the eyedropper, transfer the fresh water on top of the salt water.  It will sit on top because the salt water is more dense!   The salt that didn't mix in settled to the bottom. 

 Part 1:
Part 2:

And then we worked on Explode the Code, made a vegan onion tart, took the dog for a walk, and it was time for small boy to go to bed!  

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