Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mmmmm.... cake.... and an Australia Outfit

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I've been taking a cake decorating class at JoAnns.  I'm much better at sewing than cake, but its still a fun thing to learn, and its nice to be able to make cakes look a little better than before. 

These are my rosebuds

And these are rosebuds, and primrose.  I also learned how to make Apple Blossoms.    These I put on the muffins we made for our "If you Give a Moose a Muffin" cooking activity.   I brought them to church because otherwise I'd just eat them all. 

And in the next class, we learned violets, roses and daffodils.   The leaves I learned in the first course I took.   These were put on chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes!   These got sent to church as well, everyone was pleased to see a second round of treats, and although not perfect, they were impressed with my decorating skills!

And here is Levi's next new outfit!

He always goofs around during photo shoots!
My dad purchased this fabric in Australia for me, and I thought I'd make Levi a fun outfit from it.  There was only a small amount of each of the four fabrics, so I pieced them together in a fun way.
The top is a classic button down, with flapped pockets and fun grey buttons.  
The shorts are my signature "patchy pants" which will be available for ordering from my shop soon!   They are great because you can have one pair of shorts, with lots of fun patches to match many different shirts.  Adds a colorful touch to otherwise simple shorts or pants and is a great way to add some fun to boys clothes (although these would be just as cute on a little girl!).  
To pep up the shorts, I added a free motion stitched "target" shape, it matches the design on the fabric, and Levi has been interested in bow and arrows and targets lately.     The shorts have pockets on the back, edged with some of the same fabrics. 
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  1. Leigh Ann, those shorts are adorable! I also love the buttons on the shirt - nice and chunky for little hands. :) Perfection!