Friday, August 10, 2012

Christmas in July Playdate

In July, I decided that we needed to have a Christmas party, so I planned a fun "Christmas in July" themed playdate.   It was full of sensory experiences and a lot of mess!

The activites:

- "Florida snowball" fight
- ice play
- fake snow
- "christmas lights" (water beads)
- make your own snow globe
- santa and tree pictures
- gift exchange
- decorate your own cookie
- peppermint scented shaving cream with glitter in it

This is the cookie decorating table, these are vegan shortbread cookies.  Instead of icing, I put out jam, and chocolate chips to decorate!

I called the water beads "Christmas lights", by the time I took this picture some of the activities got all mixed up with each other.  There is shaving cream in this one! 

Fake snow, which I put in the freezer the night before so it was cold.  This stuff doesn't stick together like snowballs, so its not all that much fun, but it does have a neat texture to it.  Would be good for scooping with or hiding things in though.  

The craft table (before anyone showed up) with lots of collage bits, paper, glue, paint, stickers and glitter!!!

I filled a wading pool with giant ice cubes for the kids to play in, it was cold! 

This pic is blurry, but it shows how into things Levi really got!  This held the shaving cream, which I added glitter and peppermint to.  

Anna and Levi in the ice

I'm not really sure whats going on here!   This is the table for "make your own snow globes" which were jars that the kids could put glitter, foam shapes, water beads and water into.  

I also brought a parachute, which the kids put the Florida snowballs on.  
 Anna, coated in a layer of flour.

Levi with a pile of snowballs. 

Harrison, decorating his cookies!

Nick and Levi, doing something with Florida snowballs.

Snow-globe making

Shaving cream with glitter and peppermint (a bit melted!)


Snow play - our "Florida Christmas Tree" in the background, it really does light up red and green and it has shell ornaments on it.    For the gift exchange, each kid brought a wrapped (used) book, they took a different book home on their way out.    

Florida Snowballs

You Will Need:
- flour, or cornstarch
- pantyhose, white or 'nude' if you can find it (each pair makes around 6-8 snowballs) 
- scissors
- 1/2 cup measuring cup or something a similar size

1. Cut off the legs of the pantyhose as high up as you can.  
2. Take a scoop of flour and put it in the toe off the pantyhose, tie a tight knot right above the flour and cut off close to the knot.   Snowball #1
3.  Next, tie a knot in the remaining pantyhose at the very end.  Turn it inside out so the knot is on the inside.  Repeat step 2. 
4.  Keep going until you run out of "leg" and then do the same for the second leg!   
5. Make lots, these are fun! 

They are nice and squishy, so they don't hurt when thrown (though try to avoid the face).  They leave behind a satisfying puff of flour with each 'hit' and last many throws.  Don't get them wet, they get hard and nasty!  
They make a HUGE mess, but they are sooo much fun for everyone!

If you prefer a non-messy, indoor friendly option, follow the steps above but use cotton stuffing instead of flour!  

Merry Not-Christmas!!!

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  1. Thank you for the directions on the Florida Snowballs. We are planning a Birthday Party and wanted to make these.