Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Levi!

When Levi went to bed last night, I said goodnight to my 4yr old for the last time:

When he woke up, he was 5!

Here is his 5yr interview, I just asked him a bunch of random questions to see what he would say!

In the morning, we went on a homeschool field trip (yep, he has school even on his birthday!), BUT it was a trip to Ben and Jerry's, to see how ice cream is made and the back area of the shop.  And of course that involved eating ice cream!   More on ice cream tomorrow, we are going to spend the day learning more about it, I'll post the field trip pics then.  

Afterwards, we had a pool playdate in our neighborhoods pool.  It was a small group of friends and neighbors who came to enjoy the beautiful, hot day for Levi's bday.  The kids had a lot of fun swimming, I think Levi stayed in the water the entire time except when he got cupcakes.   

And as my version of keeping it simple, I did a easy snack of a watermelon shark, and made some gluten free vegan cupcakes with a melty chocolate center.  Yum!!!     


For the cupcakes, I cut shark fins out of cardstock and stuck them in, nice and easy, but cute!


The candle wouldn't stay lit because of the tiny little breeze that happened to blow by right at that time.

Rolling his eyes because we made him blow anyways!

Our neighbors have a butterfly garden in their yard with all kinds of butterflies.  They surprised Levi by bringing over 5 of them for him to release, one for each year of his life.  It was unexpected and a very cool thing for him.

It was wonderful having Levi's friends to play with today!

Later, we went home and cleaned up, and then had dinner at Levi's favorite place, Da Kine Diego's.  He gets beans and rice every time, and everyone there knows him, which makes it fun.  He'd rather eat that pose for a picture, but I tried.  You can see how tired he was too!

We also went to Mimi's crafts, which is a paint your own pottery place.  Levi painted a tile with his handprint on it, an annual tradition.  This year, he helped write his name on it and wrote his 5 all by himself - its tricky to do with the mini squeeze bottles they have b/c he tends to squeeze a little too hard.  But it should come out cute as usual, I can't wait to see it fired up!

And before bed, he got to open the rest of his presents.  From me, lots of books, a game, books on CD, and some other little things.  I also got him tickets to a local play thats going on in a few days.  His great grandparents contributed to his Music Together Class, which is great!  

"Levi's Girls" (the girls that live next-door) got him a harmonica, which he thinks is great  - he has been interested in music lately and he loves that this is a real instrument, not plastic.

Last thing before I put him in bed, I remembered that I forgot to take a carseat pic!  He is 40" tall, 30lbs and still rides rearfacing in his carseat.  He has a lot of room left still in this carseat and he is comfy in it, so he will still ride rearfacing for now.  Its MUCH safer than forward facing, in particular for kids under age 2, but the longer, the better (for a kid that is below the height and weight limit of their carseat of course)

Overall a wonderful day - Levi told me that I'm the best mommy in the whole world and that he had a great day, so that says it all right there.

Happy Birthday Little Guy!!! 

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