Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We learned all about one of my favorite animals, dolphins!

Lapbooking pages and worksheets:
 Homeschool share
Dolphin Printables

The Undersea Treasure Hunt
I can Read about Whales and Dolphins
Is a Dolphin a fish?
Dolphin Talk (this one is about how dolphins communicate, it explains it really well for kids)

Some of the things we did:
- learned about baby dolphins
- dolphin family names (cow, calf, bull)
- Draw Write Now copywork and drawing of a dolphin
-Learned about how dolphins communicate
- dolphin vocabulary
- dolphin math (I used cards with numbers of dolphins on them for a "less than more than" game)
- dolphin jobs

And tying into whales, which is up next:
- how big is a dolphin/whale? (project with measurements and graphing)
- how deep do whales/dolphins dive?

We also did a cute craft project:

You will need:

  • cardboard box (we used a cereal box, cut in half)
  • paper
  • blue paint
  • decor items of your choice
  • a popsicle stick
  • craft knife (exacto) 
1.  Spread glue all over your box and wrap it like a present.  Use tape as well  if your glue isn't sticky enough. 

2.  Paint it blue - we used a few shades for a more ocean like look. 

3.  Cut the bottom off the box and cut a hole at the back of the box.  You can make it bigger later if you need too.  

4.  Cut a slit across the top. 

5. Color and cut out a dolphin shape from stiff paper, and tape it to the popsicle stick.  Put it in the slot.  And decorate!   We glued sand on the bottom and used some stickers and paper cutouts.   

6.  If you want to, make more things to put on popsicle sticks - boats, whales, birds, etc.  


Tomorrow we learn all about whales, and friday is birthday time!

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