Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today we went to another event at the library.  This time, it was a celebration of the Japanese Star Festival, Tanabata, which happens on 7/7 of each year.  They had a story and then did a craft.  The kids wrote their wishes on strips of paper and tied it to a branch, you are supposed to wave them at night to send the wishes up to the stars.

Anyways, while we were at the library, we went to visit the local pirate ship!   There is a guy who owns this ship who is docking for the summer in front of the library.  His ship is often open for people to check out.  Levi was completely amazed to see a real live pirate ship.   The Captain invited us to Pirates Night at Squid Lips (a bar/restaurant right on the river).   Because we didn't have other plans, we went!  It was a lot of fun (and free activities are always nice!)

Here is the ship, its pretty realistic!

Levi in the row boat, he wanted to wear his mustache so he would 'look tough'.  I made him a quick hook out of cardboard, and the sword is a craft project he and Nai Nai made a while ago (mommy objects to toy weapons)

The cannon!

This was a real cannon that they set off.

 Next was sword fighting lessons.  Here the Captain is explaining which end is the business end of the sword.

Levi took the lesson so seriously!

He was the smallest kid (not that he cared)

 Practicing, in slooow mooootion

Afterwards the Pirates sand a Pirate song.  During this, the Captain had his bird (names Captain Morgan) on his arm, and he let Levi hold it. He was the only kid there that got too, even though other kids asked.   

Next they explained all of the different swords they had, and the lady pirates had a sword fight.

And then they did another song, this time, Juanita the Parrot sang her opera song!

Afterwards, I sat at Squid Lips and ate some coconut onion rings while Levi ran all over the place with some kids he met.  He had such a great time!

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  1. Wow, looks like it was fun! Happy birthday Levi! Sorry we couldn't make it.