Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pizza Field Trip

Today we had another fun field trip, at the Pizza Gallery!
The kids got a tour of the kitchen saw their giant dishwasher and where all of the supplies are stored.  They got a close up view of the oven, and then got to help make their own mini pizza's.    And of course they got to eat their pizza's!  

Giant dishwasher:

Canned goods storage:  Olives and artichokes were on here, my favorites!  (Levi likes olives in particular)

Pots and pans (and a chocolate fountain) 

Pizza boxes:

The oven:

It has big circular shelves that spin around. 

Its HOT!

Garlic knots ready to bake:

MORE pans (they have a ton!), and the stovetop.

And here is Jr. Pizza Chef Levi making his pizza!

First the sauce, there is a special technique for spreading it. 

And then the soy mozzarella!

He actually made 2 pizzas, the first one had pepperoni on it!  He was up ahead of me and I didn't see him make it.  Levi has only ever had vegan pepperoni, so I don't think he realized that it usually comes in meat form, he didn't know it was a meat and was appalled when I told him (he has been a vegetarian his whole life).  Lucky for us, they had no problem with him making a new one, and I got to take pics the second time around too. 

Then some hat decorating while the pizza baked.

He did rainbows on one side and his name on the other.  He has been into coloring everything 'rainbow' lately.  

He made me take pics of both sides of course.  

And then pizza arrived!!!

He ate the whole thing.  He has NEVER eaten that much pizza before, he is usually not a big pizza eating kinda guy - we've been to the Pizza Gallery before,  and he will usually eat maybe 2 mini slices of his mini pizza.  Just another example of how getting kids involved in the cooking process makes them more excited about eating the food.
Mmmm.... Pizza for breakfast.... (this field trip was before the restaurant opened, so we were eating pizza at 10 in the morning!)

And now he is an official Jr. Pizza Chef, and has the certificate to prove it!

And his shirt?

Its another Little Sewing Shop Custom design.    This one was inspired by  cute pizza book/craft project I found. (there are some other fun pizza related ideas there too!)
For Levi, I went with a slim-fit, v-neck ringer style.  I don't normally make v-necks, but I like it! 


You can buy this shirt now at The Little Sewing Shop
(keep a lookout for the cargo shorts too, available soon!)

Also, thank you to Tonya Gensel for letting me borrow some of your pics for this post!  

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