Tuesday, May 22, 2012


In our garden we have a milkweed plant, which is a favorite of Monarch butterflies.  We found some caterpillars on it, and put them in our butterfly net to observe.  
Just like the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" first they ate and ate (and pooped) and ate some more.   One, and then the other formed a "J" shape at the top of the net and shed their skin one last time forming the chrysalis.   
Monarch butterflies have a chrysalis that is bright green with a ring of gold dots around the edge.  
When the butterfly is ready to emerge, the chrysalis turns dark.  Here you can see that the one in the background is about to come out! 

And here it is!

We released them in the garden, in the same spot we had found the caterpillars.

Levi's lapbook is made mostly of printables I found online.  For this one, there was a a LOT of color printing, and the questions were pretty specific-  I think I prefer the format that allows for a little more creativity. 

A couple of the pieces came from Lapbook Lessons,  and the rest comes from a Magic School Bus printable

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