Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dying Playsilks, a lesson in Absorbtion

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I'm participating in a swap on Craftster and I decided that I needed to make a silk scarf for my swap partner, so I let Levi help me do it because its very simple, yet you can get some amazing results.   These scarves are wonderful for imaginative play - Levi's scarves are often being used as super hero capes or to make forts, but he has also used them for babywearing his doll, or as a blanky perfect for travel because it folds up so small.  For adults, you can use them as, well, a scarf.  But they are also great for other things as well - everything from "wrapping paper" to decoration, to a beach cover up.  

To dye a playsilk, I dip the silk in vinegar, and tie it up with rubberbands like you would tye dye.  The dye is acid dye - just a tiny bit goes a long way.  I just mix it with water until it dissolves.  

Next is the fun part!  
After everything is dyed, I wrap it in foil, and out it in a steamer for about 15min.  Then rinse, and dry and thats it!  

And this is what you get....
Pretty isn't it?   This is one we made before, the one we made today wasn't dry in time for pictures!  

And each one is different... 

With the leftover dye, we played with it on some paper, and watched it absorb.  Levi tried putting two drops close together to se what would happen, he also tried dripping dye on wet parts of the paper. 

And then he decided to try blowing on it.

We just used basic construction paper, it might be interesting to compare with different types of paper
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