Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stress balls, splash bombs, and a Glowing bath

Yesterday, it rained in the afternoon, so we did some indoor activities.  

We made "stress balls" from balloons.  These can be used for sensory play and help to strengthen little hands and fingers.   Kids can also describe them, and compare them
Fill the round part of a balloon, use a funnel and a chopstick if its tricky.  Tie a knot and pull it tight.  Take a second balloon and cut off the 'neck'.  Stretch it over  your filled balloon to hide the knot, you can add a third layer for added strength if you want. 

*tip: use large, good quality balloons, dollar store balloons don't hold up well.  

Filling ideas:
small pasta
water beads
play doh
cornstarch and water
hair gel
flax seeds 
Flour in the red one, and rice in the yellow.

We made sponge bombs (and tested them in the bath).   
They are super quick to make: 
Cut 2-3 sponges in strips the long way (I got 3 strips from each of ours)
Bundle them up, and put a zip tie around the middle.  Pull tight, and then cut off the excess zip tie. 

Get them wet, and throw them!

And the best part of the bath, was that it GLOWED!

I picked up a blacklight from walmart similar to this one, but half the price, and just to try it out, I set up a glowing bath for Levi.   I just used some things from around the house, but next time we will try some more stuff.

Glowing solutions:
Ink from a yellow highlighter (just remove the sponge tube from the marker, and put it in water)
Tonic water (glows a bright blue)

And other glowing elements:
glow in the dark bugs, stars, etc (I could only find 2!)
neon objects (maybe try a dollar store or party store to find some fun stuff! )
white objects (I put some white yarn bits in the bath)
water beads hydrated in yellow highlighter water or tonic water (tonic water will need to be watered down with regular water, for some reason they wouldn't hydrate in just tonic)

I also added:
clear cups
plastic test tubes
a big neon green bowl

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