Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Water Beads and Shaving Cream

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Have you played with water beads yet?   The first time we saw these was at a farmers market where they had a bowl of them to play with.  They were selling them to put plants in, but the guy said he once sold a ton of them to a lady who wanted to fill her bathtub with them!    Well they do have a fun texture to them, and can be used for lots of sensory play.

Today we mixed water beads with shaving cream:

Other things to try:
bounce them
paint with them
put them on the light table
make them glow in the dark
grow plants in them
step on them
watch them hydrate and dehydrate
scent them
freeze them
put them in a "wave" bottle
hydrate them with other liquids
put them in a water balloon
sort them
try to pick them up with chopsticks
use them in sensory bins
put them in a wading pool
mix them with slime (cornstarch and water, or the borax/glue slime)

Some of these ideas I found on a blog with lots of fun ideas for kids, called Fit Kids Clubhouse, and another blog called The Chocolate Muffin Tree, some I saw on Pintrest, and some I just thought would be fun, and I'm sure we will think of even more!

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  1. We did water beads in shaving cream this week too, so fun!! Thanks for sharing all of these awesome water bead ideas, and for linking up on our page :) Be sure to come over and link up again if you do any of these other activities with water beads!

  2. Posted a link to this on our Facebook page, :) Just wanted to let you know!