Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Groundhog Day Lapbook, and Two Little Dresses

Levi wanted to learn more about groundhogs for Groundhog day so I found him a lapbook and we chose some of the activities to do. 

First we had to find out what the "results" were this year, so we watched this quick clip here.

This was the lapbook I found, from Homeschool Share, we didn't make every single element, but did talk about all of it and made many of them.    I introduced classifications for the first time, something I find confusing myself.  We learned about diet, rodents, the history of Groundhog's day, how groundhogs help/harm farms, and how much dirt groundhogs can really move (700lbs!).  

We also watched this short video, all about groundhogs. 

Here is Levi's finished lapbook! 

The cover is actually a paper bag puppet printable, I found it here.   Paper bag puppet printables are great for lapbook covers because they are already split.   Levi chose to paint this with water color paint.   


And Levi presents his lapbook the phone rang in the middle and threw him off!  

These are some little dresses I made.  I don't often make girls clothes, so its fun when I get to!   These are from a free sewing pattern, the Izzy top.   I added some length to make them into dresses.   

And now I am back to sewing, getting a few more shirts made for Levi for our camping trip this weekend.   We are very much looking forward to the Florida Earthskills Gathering!

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