Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day and Zebras at the Zoo

Happy Valentines day!  (a few days late!)

This is Levi's valentine shirt, made with the only zebra fabric I had on hand, chosen because we got to meet the zebras on valentines day!     I really like this pattern though next time I will make the arms longer.  Levi seems to have monkey arms - I used one size for width and 2 sizes up for length and the arms just fit him in length even though I made the cuffs a little wider!     I'm going to modify it some more to make it work, because the body and shoulders fit him really nicely. 

Embroidery design from Lynnie Pinnie.  This one didn't stitch out quite as nicely as I'm used to with these designs, I'm not sure why but I didn't worry too much for just a valentine shirt. 

He paired it with his "twist and shout" pants.  

Some pre-party crafting: 

We went to the Explorers Club Valentine Party.   He used his metal detector to look for treasure (didn't find any)

And climbed a tree

On valentines day, we went to the zoo.    We got a special invite to see the zebras before anyone else.  The new extension allows you to see the camels, lemurs and giraffes more easily. 

Levi showing off the "love monster" I made him for valentines day.   They gave him zebra ears to wear too!

Jahari (the big male) kept looking at us on the new bridge.  It looked like he was asking us for snacks, now that the new extension goes along the edge of the giraffe area.   Giraffes usually get snacks at the giraffe platform.  

And another giraffe was easily seen

The zoo had a quartet serenade the zebras (both girls)  for valentines day.  They had bouquets of "flowers" made from hay and apples. 

Finally the zebras came out.   They were hiding a bit at first, because they aren't quite used the rhinos who now have to share their enclosure. 

Aren't they pretty? 

More love monsters I made for valentine gifts!  

Happy Valentines Day!

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