Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brevard Zoo Kangaroo!

We had another Brevard Zoo Jaguar Society event today, this time with the kangaroos.   We not only got a talk, but got to meet them too!   

One of them, named Bindi was very friendly and was incredibly soft.   She loves to be scratched under the chin and puts her head wayyyy back for it. 

We learned that their back legs are "connected", they move together.   They are called magapods (mega = big, pod = foot, which Levi knew from Mr. Science).    We saw up close how much they use their tails for sitting, moving and balance.  

They have a burlap bag that the kangaroos "kick box" for training - kangaroos must support themselves with their front feet in order to kick, so they kind of grab on.   

Here she is in action, though not kick boxing! 

This one, J.C. is 4yrs old, but they still give her bottles because it makes it easy for the keepers to examine her while she is busy.   

Bindi came up to everyone to sniff (here she is sniffing my mom's ankles) 

... and Levi's boots

And his "pouch"

Bindi let Levi follow her around and pet her. 

And notice his outfit?   I made it last night just for the occasion.   Orange, turquoise, some kangaroo touches... perfect!    I saw a circle pocket on Project Run and Play, by Max California, and loved the idea.  I've had it in my head to use for a long time, but finally was inspired by the kangaroos to use it!  
This is made from flannel, which I bought when it was on sale - its soft, cozy, but not TOO warm for our not-so-cold weather (that we think is freezing anyway). 

The buttons are cute mushroom shapes that I bought on ebay forever ago, nothing to do with kangaroos but I liked them so I used them!

My sweet kangaroo had fun at the zoo. 

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