Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Twist and Shout pants

I got to test the new "Twist and Shout" pants by Made by Jack's Mum.   These pants were really easy to make, came together nicely, and have a unique "twist" (literally!).     As you can see, the leg of the pant looks like its twisted, but its really just the way the front and back pattern pieces are shaped.   I used two colors of corduroy, but these will work in one color two, and can be made in other fabrics.   There are 3 different waist options, but I went for the faux fly, which has a snap (or button) that functions, but still pulls up and down with elastic.    They have an "extra long" option as well, which is great for slim kids and gives the option to roll up (so more room for growing)
I also added an "&" embroidery to the leg, as a nod to the name of the pattern!   

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