Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recycled Jeans and top

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 I teach sewing classes at JoAnn's, and one complaint I've heard from customers is that they spend a ot on fabric, only to screw it up when they are first learning to sew.   So I suggest that they look for other sources of fabric - its cheap, and a great way to recycle and practice ideas.   

Project Run and Play's week 3 challenge was an Earth Day challenge, so I used that as my inspiration.   Sometimes upcycled fabric can work for a final project too, and produce some cute, earth friendly results! 

This outfit was made from: a large yellow men's shirt ($0.50), a medium green shirt ($1), and a pair of jeans ($1).  Also a few scraps from my endless supply of scrap fabric, 4 buttons, a zipper, and a piece of ribbon.  

Here it is!

The back of the shirt has an applique of three little green flowers, made from scraps.  I just cut out some random circles, layered them and stitched around and around in a circle from the center out.   The stems are a satin stitch and the leaves are reverse applique, made with leftovers from the green shirt (more of those on the sleeve and hood)

I'm very happy with the jeans.  the color variation just comes from using different bits of the fabric that came from the original jeans.  They were a large adult size, so plenty of fabric for a 2/3T pair of jeans.  I used turquoise top stitching and button, and added a stitched recycle symbol.  The zipper is bright lime green, just because.

The back pockets were cut from the pocket on the original jeans, to keep the top hem.   One is embellished with a bit of ribbon stitched on, an easy way to add a distinctive touch without much work.   The stitching on the other pocket (TLSS, for "The Little Sewing Shop").  Its done in the same way as the recycle symbol, with a triple stitch. 

More ribbon embellishments.  I changed up the basic jeans patten by adding a bit of flare.   I just added triangular panels, but before I did, I sewed on some ribbon!

So as you can see, $2.50 worth of thrifted clothing, makes a pair of designer jeans that are one of a kind, and a fun top to go with it!

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  1. Love the stitching on the jeans. Upcycles are my favorite!