Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

 Nai Nai (Levi's grandma) had a birthday.  No, she didn't turn 1, we just forgot to buy candles and thats the onl'y one we could find.   I made an ice cream cake from scratch.  At the bottom is a layer of ice cream, topped by a layer of marble cake.  Part of the cake was made with coconut milk ice cream, and the cake and icing itself doesn't have any dairy so Levi could actually eat it.  

 Our local MOPS group had a kids egg hunt, it was another beautiful spring day in Florida, and the kids had a great time running across the field to find eggs.   Levi was very sweet in sharing his eggs with some of the younger kids and helping them to fill their baskets.  

We had another egg hunt after Levi's Mr. Science class.  Lucky for us, the parents agreed to a no-food hunt, so I brought chalkboard paint left over from Levi's 4th birthday party.   Its easy to make, and fun to use.  Levi wanted to draw shapes, so we used it as a quick geometry lesson.  

Magic Chalk paint: 
Small containers
corn starch
food coloring

Fill small containers with corn starch (I used the kind dips come in, with lids, but you can use any container, cup or bowl).   Add a couple drops of food coloring and shake it a little so the corn starch hides the color.  
Now for the magic!  Just add water and stir or shake to reveal the color.   Paint on sidewalks, driveways, chalkboards, and even walls and fences (outside!).   It washes away with water.  

And then we went on vacation!   We drove to the other side of Florida, to Ledo Key, near where my grandparents live and had a beach vacation.    Levi dyed eggs on the balcony, and then got to hunt for them. 
We stayed at a nice hotel right on the beach.  Levi spent his time swimming in the pool, hot tub and beach.  He also made some new friends, and the kids spent hours working on a huge sand castle.

It includes lots of pointy "drip" towers, tunnels, moats, guard towers, and even an electric fence! 

Buddy wanted to get in on the act, but Levi couldn't tear himself away from his "team" project with the other kids, so I helped him to build a small castle.  Its always been a beach holiday tradition to build a sand castle.  

Decorated with lots of shells, guard towers, and a moat!

The beaches are different than the ones by our house....

More people

But blue water

 And more shells

It was just a quick trip, but a fun family get away on the beach.  

Happy Easter!

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