Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If you Give a Moose a Muffin....

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We read "If You Give a Moose a Muffin" and did a quick and easy lapbook found on homeschool share. 
On the cover is a coloring page.  
Inside, first is a "M is for..." shape book, with lots of "M" words that we practiced reading
Under that is a graph we made of favorite muffin types.  Thank you facebook for making it easy to take a quick survey on the fly! 
In the middle is a wheel that spins to match clothing types with weather.  We discussed why one wears different types of clothing - pretty basic for Levi, but he liked the movable aspect of this lapbook element.
Under that is a mini tab book where Levi copied the name of the author and illustrator, and drew his own illustration.  Every time I read him any book, I try to remember to point out the Author and Illustrator, and remind Levi of their roles. 
On the right side, is a mini book of moose facts, and under that is a pocket of story sequence cards.   Levi learns a lot through auditory learning, for this, I gave him the series of cards and asked him to put them in the right order from memory (we have read this book many times).  He studied them carefully, and as he put them in order he repeated lines from the book, word for word which seemed to help him organize them.  He didn't get all of them 100% in the correct order, but pretty close, especially sense there were so many!

Nai Nai also brought him a moose shirt home from her Education conference in Canada, which was a coincidence.  She also brought us some yummy maple sugar candy, which quickly disappeared.  

 The back of the lapbook has a muffin numbers game.  I modified it so Levi would enjoy it more - first, you take a big handful of paper muffins and throw them at the plate.  Next, you count the muffins that landed on the plate, and find the matching number.  Last you read the sentience with the number ("7 yummy muffins on the plate").  I think you are supposed to nicely arrange some muffins on the plate, but for Levi, getting to throw things makes the process more fun, he even asked to play again later in the day. 

We also had a visit from some fuzzy little friends!  Levi named them "Brooke" (after his little friend who he thinks is his girlfriend), and "Cutie".  They are just starting to get their bigger feathers.  Levi had fun playing with them, and even read them a Curious George book.

We also made sushi for lunch one day.  Its actually pretty easy to do if you get the rice right (we used sushi rice, and cucumber for a filling).  We have a bamboo mat, which you can probably find at places that sell kitchen items, but you can also use a piece of plastic wrap.   There are some good directions with pictures here

Still working on our dinosaur unit study and lapbook, its mostly done, just needs to be put together.  We are now working on a Little House in the Big Woods lapbook, I found 2 really nice ones online that we are using as a starting point.  The Little House books are Levi's current favorite!
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