Friday, January 18, 2013

Stripes and Dots

I made this outfit as part of a sew-a-long at Project Run and Play.    The theme this week is "dots and stripes".    I looked though my stash and found a whole bunch of different options, but most of them were wovens.   I wanted to make a t-shirt, and so I found just enough of this great polka-dot fabric with big orange, turquoise, and brown dots.   I've used it before for a shirt for Levi, but he has worn it many, many times and its wearing out! 
Next I needed a stripe, I dug though my piles of fabric and found turquoise and white seersucker that is a perfect match! 
I found that when pairing dots with stripes, it helped to have a different scale for each fabric.  In this case, giant dots for the shirt, and skinny stripes for the pants.   Stripes and dots with a similar scale can look a little 'clown' to me.   

Levi has a colorful personality so this outfit suits him well! 

The whole outfit together. 

The top comes from the latest issue of Ottobre magazine.  It has those great giant dots and an orange mock shirt-underneath.  I used the back of snaps in matching colors to decorate the neck binding.

 The shorts are a self drafted pattern made with seersucker with a knit ribbing waistband.  They have a mock fly, and pockets on the front and back.  These should be nice and comfy in our warm Florida weather, once it comes back again. (it has been cold today!)
 I used orange thread to topstitch and added my little button tag to the bottom of the pocket.  

And I didn't get the best pictures today, my model was less than cooperative.   I kept getting weird stiff poses, eyes looking off to nowhere,  and strange smiles!

 And that's it!  I love how this outfit turned out!


  1. I think it looks like a great outfit. The big dots with the thin stripes do look great together. You did a great job!

  2. So cute! Great color combo. I love the details of the snaps on the collar of the shirt and the button tab and mock fly of the shorts. I wish I could have this pattern for the shorts. They are awesome!!!