Sunday, January 20, 2013

Archery Pants

Levi asked for a pair of pants with "those real big pockets on the sides".   I had my eye on this pattern for quite a while, so now I had an excuse to make it!   These are the "No Kung Fu" Ottobre pants.  

It took me a while to decide on fabric, and I ended up with boring navy blue.  I pepped it up with some light green top-stitching, to match the shirts I made to go with them.   

These have some really interesting pockets on the back, they go at an angle and are incorporated into the yolk.  And regular pockets on the front and the requested cargo pockets on the sides.   
They also have zips at the bottom which when zipped, make the ankle narrower.  The pattern says it narrows so that when the wearer wants to ride a bike, it won't get caught in the chain.   Because of that reference,  I made him a bike shirt with my new embroidery machine!   

But when the pants were done, Levi pointed out that his knee patches look like targets!  So I finished a UFO sewing project, and made him an archery shirt to go with these as well.   The place where he does homeschool archery classes had shirts, size HUGE only, and no kids sizes!  I got one anyway, and cut it up to make a Levi-sized shirt.   Its green, so goes with the top-stitching as well.  

I did the knee patches differently than the pattern called for.  Instead of turning the edge under, I cut a second piece for each from the same knit I used for the bike shirt - I put the two together, stitched all the way around, snipped a hole in the middle of the knit, turned it right side out and then sewed them on!   It adds an extra layer at the knee, a little more dimension, and the edge of the contrasting color.  And it was a lot easier!

And he tested out his new outfit at Archery: 

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