Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas in Tahoe

 Our trip to Lake Tahoe, mostly in pictures:

The snow:

Playing in the snow (thats my kid, long sleeve shirt and velour pants, no hat, gloves, or anything else.  He is crazy! 

Our tree, it was tiny this year, only 11 feet.  We have had 15 foot trees in the past that had to be nailed to the ceiling beams!   This one was crooked or something too, but it was still pretty!

 We roasted chestnuts.  In an open....oven.  

And peeled them.  

And then watched the reindeer at

We got to spend time with Grammy!

She read to him on Christmas Eve, the same stories she reads every year for as long as I can remember. 

Levi played with Buddy's old toys, from when he was Levi's age (like 50 years ago).  This rocket shoots pennies into itself, you load them up, push a button and they go up under the top bit.  Its pretty neat!

Buddy and Nai Nai got Levi some new skis and boots.  We did quite a bit of skiing.  Its fun because Levi is getting really good, so we can do more of the mountain.   He took a class at the ski resort as well, which ended up being a private class because there were no other kids in the advanced class to ski with him.    His instructor said Levi was the most fun class he had taught in a long time.   As a former ski instructor, I totally understand - kids like Levi who LOVE every moment of skiing are so much fun to teach! 

He got a hotwheels race track that launches cars.  

Fun for everyone, Auntie Shawn and Buddy spent an hour playing with it - well after Levi had gone to bed!   

 We went to a cool science museum in Reno. 

Static electricity experiment, this was so funny to watch as the 'zap' went around the circle of kids and they each jumped from the shock in turn! 

One of those things that you spin to make the figures move.  

And a giant one! 

They had a giant 'rising cloud' that spanned 2 stories.  Kids climbed all the way up to the top inside of it!   

Waterway with a hole in the middle

And all natural, completely allergy friendly Italian ice.  

I got in a little homeschooling for New Years, we made a time capsule!  This is going to go in with the Christmas star so we will find it next year.   It included a string the same height as Levi, a traced hand and foot to compare sizes next year, a self portrait and a worksheet he filled out. 

And some sparklers at midnight on New Years!  Levi did 3 boxes worth with our very patient neighbor.

 Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! 

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