Friday, September 7, 2012

Waiting in line

So today was a loooong day of waiting in line.   We got up early, but didn't have the car right away so we got in line around 8:40, and didn't get to the end of the line until 12:45, just in time to run home so I could babysit the neighbor's kiddos!

What were we waiting for?


It was a long wait, but we were in the shade and there was free water.  Levi made friends with everyone in line, so he was happy, and I brought a book to read! 

When we got home I set Levi and his friend Z with a sensory box.  I filled up a tray with baking soda, and gave them a muffin tray with vinegar/food coloring in it.    Then I gave them a tiny spoon and a eye dropper and let them experiment!   They played with this for a good hour, and then baby T took over and played with it herself.   Then Z came back to it and added enough vinegar to make it into a doh like texture, and played with it some more!   So it was a super quick to set up project that entertained a 1yr old and 5yr olds for a good long time.

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