Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fresh Vanilla Beans

My dad went on a trip to Mexico, and brought back from fresh vanilla bean pods.   So I made dessert!

I made vanilla bean cheesecake, with white chocolate mousse topping.    I found the recipe on Pintrest, it comes from another blogger, The Inner Gourmet.   It was easy to make and came out light and oh so good.  This cheesecake has no eggs in it, which I think contributed to the lighter texture, this recipe is a keeper for sure.   

My dad was happy to test it out.  


And then, I started some homemade vanilla extract.  Its simply vanilla beans (the leftover cut ones from the cheesecake), and rum.   The rum is a good quality Guatemalan rum made from sugar cane.   It will be 8 whole weeks before it can be used.  

I also found an orange-vanilla bean meringue recipe that I'd like to try.  Minus the orange food coloring, Levi could eat it. 

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