Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Levi and I are celebrating by doing NOTHING today  - my parents and sister aren't around, and its actually nice to not have any obligations for the day.    We are thankful for all of the offers to dinner today though, we had offers from friends (even willing to accommodate our special diets), and even my college professor, and a complete stranger.   How nice of everyone to ask!  

First is some Christmas sewing that I've been working on. 

For a swap: 

Christmas jammies for a friends boys (these are SO cute, I love this pattern!)

And what I'm thankful for:

Berkshire's 12th birthday, which the shelter we got her from says is about on thanksgiving, so a good day to celebrate it - you wouldn't know this do was so old (except for the greying muzzle), she is still active and sure does love to eat!   Levi made her a special hat to wear, and she got treats and a toy. 

And my family - And of course all those not pictured as well!   We are looking forward to spending time with Grammy for christmas, going on a family+ cruise!   

And Levi wanted to make a video (I said he should write down what he is thankful for, instead he made a list, practiced it, and then requested that I film him - he loves to make these videos, even though he does take it too seriously!)

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