Saturday, November 15, 2014

Levi's First Violin Concert

Levi did a wonderful job at his first concert!   He joined a group called "Creative Young Artists"
They have been working hard to practice for this performance.   The theme was "Dreams and Fantasies" and Levi's group, the String Ensemble played two songs.    The first was "Antagonist" an exciting song representing the "bad guys" in fairy tales.    The second song was a performance of The Frog Prince which was played to accompany actors playing the role of the princess, prince/frog and narrator/king.   Lots of fun to see the show!   

Here they are warming up:

Here is the first song, Antagonist: 

Levi was at the back, so we mostly could see his tuft of hair! 

And here is the second one, Frog Prince:

After his turn, he got to sit near the front to watch the rest of the concert.  During one of the breaks he spotted us and did some enthusiastic waving.   No flash allowed so it was a dark pic!

My sister and her boyfriend surprised Levi by showing up to watch him - and instead of flowers, they brought him some bread he can eat from a bakery near where my sister lives.   He was pleased!

And this outfit I made for him last night - cotton backed satin for the shirt, and the pants are black fabric from my stash... I think from an old sheet.   But he looked very handsome in his outfit.  I even monogrammed his initial on the pocket in white, and his initials on the cuff in black.  

Even though this was his first experience playing for a group, he was confident and did his best to preform well - and he looked great on stage!   He is still really enjoying playing his violin, and is excited to be moving on to the second Suzuki Violin book pretty soon, and maybe even learn a new Christmas song.   

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