Sunday, July 13, 2014

Neilson Surf Camp

Levi really wanted to go to surf camp.  He went last year to a 3 day camp right by our house, but because I had the week off, and a coupon, we chose Neilson Surf Camp instead.   Little farther away, but 5 days.   I decided to go ahead and join in instead of sitting on the beach in the sun all week.    Despite my lack of coordination, I had a great time!   Levi loved it of course, and did a great job improving his skill at paddling and standing up.  He started with a big foam top board and then worked his way down to his little custom 5" purple swirly board. 

Warming up:

On the water:

Catching a wave: 


I made cookies to bring on the last day, they all got eaten.   Recipe for vegan cut outs here

Levi hangs out with the teen girls as usual.  (they were great about putting up with him!)

We even got trophies to take home, which Levi absolutely loved.

And a fun video, Levi is in it a few times including his tandem surfing! 

Post by Neilson Surf Camp.

We learned a lot, had a lot of fun, didn't get sunburnt and no one made fun of me for being the only "old" one there.   Hope to go back again next summer!     Thanks Neilson Surf Camp! 

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