Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More 7th Birthday

Levi's pre-birthday in Tahoe

Cupcakes:  The cake itself was not very good (random recipe) but the icing was really yummy (I've made it before)  

Friends on the deck

He has always wanted one of these ball popper things:
Gifts from his birthday party:  (his eyes look weird in some of these - too much sun and swimming!)
He is saying "yes"... (his angry face is actually enthusiasm!)

He knows whats coming... 

Very generous gift from nanny family:

He laughed and laughed at this card "here is 20 bucks"  

Beni is a good little artist too! 

More fun artwork - he examined these very closely.  

Reading another card: 

Awesome kinetic sand  - this stuff is so fun to play with!   He had some already from Christmas, but it was great to add more to the box we keep it in, he plays with it often.

Special handmade wrapping paper on this one: 

Butterflies!   And he gets to go pick up caterpillars or eggs too.  These are from our neighbor who raises butterflies. 

And lights, perfect for his new bike

His actual birthday:

He requested pancakes, so I found a really good recipe for vegan pancakes. 

Here he is jumping up and down because he got a gift card to Da Kine Diego's 

Disk shooter snap rover thing

Trampoline (I got this and the disk shooter and this from some homeschool moms, great deals!)

This guy was hiding in the freezer, he found it when he put his slushie maker in there to freeze.

Unrolled, he found a note saying "We are going to see Frozen on Ice when it comes to town"

I need to get an "orange-er" wash cloth for the nose, I made this with what I had on hand.  

We also picked up his new bike.  The guys at the bike shop gave him a super loud horn for it too (thanks guys)

And we ate beans and rice from Da Kine

And a carseat pic!   He still fits rearfacing, and hasn't asked to switch, so he will stay this way for now. 

I took him to a baseball game after, it was "star wars" themed.   It was a fun game, the Manatees won at the last second when they hit the ball out of the park.  
They had a "launch a ball" thing, where you buy a tennis ball for $1, and try and throw it in a bucket far away to win $100, or into a closer hoop for a prize.  Levi got it in the hoop!   He won 2 passes for 2 tickets each.   He loves going to games, so we will enjoy this. 

Happy birthday to my 7yr old!

Testing his new ripstick

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