Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Plants/Trees/Seeds lapbook and unit study

I'm trying to catch up with my posts on lapbooks and unit studies! 

This one was about plants, seeds, trees, leaves, and growing things!    This one is from a year ago and I guess I never got around to blogging it.  I'm amazed at how far Levi's handwriting and spelling has come sense then. 

For this one I put everything including links to lapbook sources on my pintrest board,

 How do plants grow mini book
Itsy Bitsy Seedling mini book
Apple life cycle slider
and an environment flap book

Parts of an apple (labeled inside) and copywork

Some lapbook elements.   The bottom right is one we made using an actual seed that we took apart to look at the different parts.  I think its some sort of bean. 

More lapbook elements

Classic celery in colored water experiment - I remember doing this one in 1st grade! 

Lifecycle of a plant  - these sets came in pockets that I got some place with cards to place in order and then copy.

Math coloring mosaic.

This is a chart of uses for apples, we found the best uses in a book and then graphed it using stickers

Leaf printing -  We found various leaves and then printed them with paint.  Then counted squares to find the area of each leaf. 

Copywork from Draw Write Now

More copywork

This was a t-shirt Levi designed, to "save the trees"  (he labeled England and Florida)

Tree artwork - his hand for the roots and finger prints for the leaves. 

Parts of an apple, with actual seeds glued on. 

Thumbprint flowers

Q-tip painting of a tree.

Apple star printing (this is squares because I didn't want to waste the apple too!) 

Plant journal - I believe I got this at a homeschool book sale someplace, it had a lot of good stuff in it so we did the whole thing. 

 These I pulled out of a random workbook.

More lapbook elements:

And this is an experiment we did with plants

One more copywork

Water color painting

Plants in our garden. 

Levi's Garden:

Seeds and food clippings growing

Measuring leaves with pennies. 

Seedling lunch (beans/rice for dirt, carrot for the stem, spinach leaves)

Collecting leaves to compare:

Finished lapbook:

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