Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Sewing

Here are some of the things I've been making recently: 

This first tank was a tester pattern, so needed a bit of tweaking with the pattern.  Levi picked out all the fabrics himself and he really likes the results even if its not my favorite!   The shorts have apple orchards on them, its cute fabric I've had forever and never used! 

This is the same tank, but I made some small adjustments to the pattern like straightening the sides and widening the binding.  Almost happy with it now, I just need to drop the neckline a bit and add another inch to the hem.   It fits him very well otherwise and is perfect for gymnastics.  I love the colors on this one too!   The shorts are a pain to make with all the binding, but his favorite type to wear to gymnastics. 

Bridge on the beach!    Levi just finished a 3-day back handspring clinic that he really enjoyed.  Hasn't quite got that handspring down but he is so very close. 

This is my favorite, in fact, I liked the design so much that I made myself a shirt with it as well.   Its from Urban Threads which always has some funky designs. 

See?  So pretty!   I also loved how this picture came out.  I think I need to take more clothing pictures on the beach! 

This was also a test pattern, and will need some small modifications as well, but overall is a good fit and he says they are very comfy for swim team.   The next challenge is to find some black swim knit before his first summer meet in 2 weeks!    (They require black suits for the kids, so I plan on making him some jammer length ones). 

 Last up is another test pattern.   This design is super cute, it has little wings!  I think the intent was for it to be batman or spider man or whatever, but I thought they looked like fins so made an angler fish design.    This pattern obviously has some flaws in the length of the neckline and sleeve ribbing, to the point where I plan on redoing those parts.  I'm not happy with the fit/shape of the shirt either, so will probably just use the wing pattern along with a trusty shirt pattern I already know works (the one I used for the blue sun shirt).   The concept is a lot of fun anyway!
The shorts I stitched up in about 15min with no pattern, they fit as intended, in a weird bubble leg sort of way, a style Levi seems to like. 

When I was making this, I originally attached the "dangly thing" to the fish's mouth only to be told by Levi to move it.  Sure enough google revealed that it does come from the fish's head!  

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