Saturday, August 10, 2013

Space Unit Study and lapbook

I guess I never posted about our Space lapbook/unit study!

My space board on pintrest

We used lapbook elements from:

Ye Shall Know Magic School Bus Space Explorer Lapbook
Homeschool share

Buddy's antique rocket toy is really cool.  You put a coin on it, push a button and the coin "disappears" (its shoots up into a hidden slot in the top portion of the rocket, ending up inside)

Here is the finished lapbook.   This one is in a 3 ring binder with the elements glued to cardstock.  We have used this method before for other large lapbooks, ts a nice way to incorporate full page worksheets and artwork into lapbooks. 

The rocket photo is from the Kennedy Space Center

This book, Thirteen Moons on Turtles Back, is a Native American story that we read.  After we colored a turtle to represent each of the "moons".  Here is a template for the turtle.


Planet Roll Call poem is from Scholastic

Family of the Sun song is from here.  
Robot book printables are from here

We also used the "Space toob" to make a sensory bin.  I filled a box with black beans ("space"), glitter, glow in the dark stars, the "toob" elements, marbles/bouncy balls for planets, and laminated print outs of each planet and its name (so he could match them up, put them in order, etc).    You can see a similar one on Counting Coconuts

Book List: 
There is no Place Like Space (cat in the hat)
Our Solar System
Is there Life in Outer Space?  (Read and find out book)

Thats it!   Space wasn't Levi's favorite unit study, but living in the Space Coast, it was nice to learn a little about it.  There was a lot more we could have done, but, as ever, when homeschooling we try and go with what he is interested in, kids learn a lot more when they love whatever it is they are studying. 

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