Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bouncy Ball Making

Do you remember the kits where you make your own bouncy ball?   I had one as a kid, and I found a kit for Levi, and gave it to him for his birthday.   
Its a quick project that he can do almost entirely on his own, and it gives a fun result!  I got this kit from Fat Brain Toys.

Here is what you get: 

Put the mold together, and pour in layers of powder (like sand art).  Make sure you tap it gently after each layer, this ensures that you won't have a gap at the top when you set the mold.

Then put the whole thing in water for 1min, let it sit for a little bit, and un-mold.  The kit I had as a kid required hot water, but this one is nice because you can use cool water, so the kid can do it himself.

Ta da!!   

He loved the bright colors and the rainbow/tye dye effect.  


  1. I love it! I have 2 birthdays coming up and that's going to be their gift. Thank You!

    1. He thought they were super cool, and the price is right! Have fun!