Friday, July 5, 2013

Lapbooks- general sources

Levi went to surf camp this week, and we met a mom who was interested in learning about lapbooks, so I put together a list of general sources that I often use for lapbooks:

My Blog
If you click on “lapbooks” under labels on the far left, you can see several of the lapbooks we have done with links to things like the lapbook sources, websites, videos, books etc. that we used - and you can see pics of the activities we did, some videos of Levi, and pics of the finished lapbook.   
The ocean lapbook: click the link on the far left tag “under the sea” - its broken down into several posts!
Also, if you click on “homeschool” on the far left, you can see things like our field trips!

Homeschool Share
Click on “lapbooks” near the top left on the blue bar.   This has a HUGE list of free lapbooks, you can click by age, or just click “master list” to see them all -  most of these can be adapted for multi-ages. 
Also under “lapbooks” on the home page, you can click “lapbook resources” which has blank templates in all different shapes, if you want to use them to make your own little books.

Lapbook Lessons
Click “lapbook lessons” near the top, and there are links to different themes of lapbooks.   

Homeschool helper
This one has some free lapbooks, and some free templates.

Magic school bus
These lapbooks go with the magic school bus chapter books - each “box” in the book goes with one of the “books” in the lapbook, these are very well done, but you pretty much must have the magic school bus book to follow along - I get them from the library or cheap on amazon.  (we have used shark, butterfly, polar bears and space) 

What is a lapbook?

Other ways to find lapbook sources:

Google  “_______ lapbook”  with whatever topic you have in mind.  There are lapbooks for everything so you will probably find something! 

Pintrest: same keywords as google. 

I think thats it! 

If you have questions, send me a message, I’m happy to answer questions or help you find lapbook stuff etc.    We have a lot of fun lapbooking, its really gotten Levi excited about learning, which is why we both love it!

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