Monday, April 1, 2013

Arnold Palmer Golf Outfit

Levi went to a golf tournament with his grandparents, so of course I made him an outfit to wear.

When I was already done with the shirt, my dad called up and asked me to add this text to it.  So I did, using a simple freezer paper stencil method.  

I did 6 different embroidery designs for this outfit.  All are from Lynnie Pinnie embroidery, they are all such fun designs and sew up so nicely!   Unfortunately, my brand new embroidery machine decided to poop out on me in the middle of these, so you can see some sewing flaws in some, particularly the golf ball.  The last one, the golf bag I ended up having to sew on my regular machine, so its not as neat and perfect as it would have been on a properly working embroidery machine. 

I really like this shorts pattern.  This is the same pattern I used for the Little Monster outfit I made as a first b-day gift a while ago.   In fact, its even the same size!  (yep, my 5yr old can wear clothes sized for a 1yr old, I did add length).   Its interesting because it has front yolks as well as back, which gives a nice finish to the top of the pockets.   Its also super easy and fast to sew up, which is good when you are spending so much time embellishing (and yelling at broken embroidery machine!)

He got a ton of compliments at the golf tournament.  Levi is a character all right, he had people trying to take him home with them and paying more attention to him than the golf.   One lady spent half an hour talking to him about polar bears and the arctic, a nice review of his arctic unit by a total stranger.

Now, if I could just get my embroidery machine back online, I can make more fun outfits like this one! 

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